What is the motivation behind our township officials trying to establish an EXPERIMENTAL, Industrial Composting Facility in Cooper Michigan?  There is no benefit, only risk.  Read on....
 Our research indicates that Adam Brent, of Cocoa corporation, the party who wants to establish this facility, has no experience in developing a facility. He has tried in other jurisdictions but has been denied. Sorry Adam, You'll have to look elsewhere.   

NO Compost Pit in Cooper    

The Proposed Amendment :

 "A composting facilities that process agricultural and horticultural residuals, municipal residuals and/or industrial residuals using a controlled process of microbial degradation of organic material into a stable, nuisance-free, humus-like agricultural and horticultural product.

Subject to the following: "No toxic, hazardous, medical or radiological residuals can be processed at a composting facility. Primary processing of residuals can take place either inside an enclosed building or outside an enclosure provided that outdoor processing is maintained in the rear yard without noise, vibration, odor, smoke, liquid wastes, or light emitted to such and extent to be objectionable to surrounding properties".     

Help lend support to the concerned citizens of Cooper Township to defeat the proposed amendment to our zoning ordinance that would allow an experimental, industrial composing facility in Cooper, Michigan

The applicant, Adam Brent, of Cocoa Corporation wrote the following  amendment. This is what our township is waging our future on? Why has it gotten this far? Say NO to this Amendment